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22 Oct 2018

Gerard O'Reilly

Witney Chess Congress, Saturday & Sunday 3 & 4 November

Still Time to Enter!

The Sixth Witney Chess Congress will take place on the weekend of Saturday & Sunday 3 & 4 November 2018. It has four sections (Open, U170, U145 & U120) and a prize fund of nearly £2000. Tim Dickinson and Priscilla Morris will be the controllers.
I warmly encourage you to support this second Oxfordshire weekend congress. Please follow the link below to find out more and to enter.

The Open section will, I hope, be of particular interest to ambitious Oxfordshire players because it incorporates the first leg of the 2018-19 Oxfordshire Individual Chess Championship. The Open section at Kidlington next February incorporates the second leg. The title of Oxfordshire Chess Champion and the Championship Trophy will go to the eligible player with the highest combined score in the Open sections of the two events.

Note on Eligibility for the Oxfordshire Championship title
A player will count as eligible to win the title of Oxfordshire Champion provided that either (i) his or her (main) home at the time of both events is in Oxfordshire, or (ii) he or she has played a combined total of at least four games in the Oxfordshire League and (representing the Oxfordshire Open team) the Chilterns League before the end of January in the season in which both events are held. In the event of eligible players being tied for the highest combined number of points, the title will be shared.
In clause (i) above, the point of speaking of a players main home is that, for example, Oxfordshire students who may be residing away from home in their university town during term will be regarded as eligible for the Oxfordshire Individual Championship if their parental home to which they return during university vacations is in Oxfordshire. Those students and others whose main home is outside Oxfordshire will be eligible for the Individual Championship if they satisfy clause (ii) above.

Link: http://witneychess.co.uk/6thwitney_information.htm
20 Oct 2018

Stephen Rumsby

Oxford U150 Win Against Bucks

Well, it couldn't have got any closer. Bucks requested to play only 19 boards as one of their players was unwell. The two teams were fairly evenly matched in terms of grading, so it looked as though it would be a close call. And so it proved.

Unfortunately, I was so preoccupied with my game that I didn't see much of any of the others. I was the second to last to finish by which time we were level on 8.5 points each. I had blundered a rook and thought about resigning, but decided to play on and see if I could swindle something. I managed to fork his queen and rook with my knight, which left me a knight down. Then, just as he was about to crash through I managed to get a perpetual, so we were still level on 9 apiece.

This left Alexy Pegushev to decide the match and fortunately he won. So another win for Oxford 10-9, which puts us at the top of the table.

Thanks to everyone who played, I hope you all had a good game even if you didn't win. Thanks to Ray for stepping down at the last moment and to Simon for getting the equipment and refreshments.

Link: ViewResult.cfm?LeagueID=348&Display=10824&Org=8
15 Oct 2018

Andrew Varney

New junior chess club in Headington

A new junior chess club is starting up in Headington immediately after October half term. It will meet on Wednesdays and Fridays, with professional coaching for Beginners/Improvers on Wednesdays and Intermediate/Advanced level on Fridays, in small groups.

The club will be run by Oxford New Generation, launched on the back of the successful holiday clubs, with the intention that it will incorporate other activities in addition to chess from early 2019. The chess coaching will be given by Andrew Varney initially supported by visiting guest chess coaches, including some master-level players.

Please see the flyer for more details of the club and who to contact for an enrolment form.

Link: documents/ONG regular clubs flyer (2018 - Beginner).pdf

Link: documents/ONG regular clubs flyer (2018 - Advanced).pdf
13 Oct 2018

Andrew Varney

Oxfordshire Girls Chess Festival 2018

The first Oxfordshire Girls Chess Festival is taking place this October half term. Events (open to girls only) include:

"Play Like A Girl"
Chess tactics coaching, games and puzzles from real games played by top women chess players.
Monday 22 October 12.30 to 3.30pm at Oxford Guesthouse, Headington

"Queen of the Chessboard: Checkmating for Beginners"
Beginners' workshop focussing on important common checkmate ideas.
Tuesday 23 October 1.00 to 3.00pm at Cowley Chess Club

"Chess, Chat and Chocolate"
Informal social chess get-together for girls in a café environment.
Thursday 25 October 1.30pm to 6.00pm at Hackett's Food & Drink, Witney

Inter-County Girls Chess Team Tournament
ECF-graded and FIDE-rated Rapid Play quadrangular invitational.
Sunday 28 October 10.30am to 4.30pm at Headington Prep School

Please contact Andrew Varney for further details.

30 Sep 2018

Stephen Rumsby

Oxford 's U150 County team make a good start

Well it was a bit of a struggle, but we managed to get there in the end - at least 18 of us did. The two teams were well matched although Oxford outgraded Berks by a few points on every board. There were some good games and Oxford came out winners with 11.5:8.5. Thanks to all who played, I hope you had an enjoyable afternoon's chess. Our next match is 3 weeks from now on the 20th October at home (Rose Hill venue) against Bucks. NOTE it will be a 1.30 start. Bucks also won their first match against Hants so it should be an interesting match. If you would like to play please email me (stephen.rumsby@maidford.plus.com). If you are on my mailing list you should have already received an email from me. If you haven't then please let me know. Steve Rumsby

22 Sep 2018

Asif Hameed

Fixtures - minor update

Dear All

Please see the diary and grid formats for the 2018-19 fixtures. The heading should be in green so please remember to refresh your browser if needed.


Any problems or issues please email me.


22 Sep 2018

Stephen Rumsby

WANTED - Players for the County U150 Team

We need players for the County U150 Team. The County U150 Team has its first match away to Berkshire next Saturday (29th). If you have an ECF grade less than 150 and live in Oxfordshire or play for an Oxfordshire club and would like to play, please email me at stephen.rumsby@maidford.plus.com I need 5 more players. Steve Rumsby

21 Sep 2018

Gerard O'Reilly

OCA League Rules updated

The OCA AGM on Thursday 13 September updated some of the League Rules.

(i) The former Rules 2.3 and 2.4 on 'starring' players were combined into Rule 2.3, with the main addition being a deadline by which teams required to 'star' four players are to notify the Secretary (now Roger Thetford) of the players being starred for those teams. As a consequence of this change, the subsequent sections of Rule 2 have been re-numbered.
NB. In connection with the starring of players, club secretaries and team captains will doubtless remember that the OCA's official Guidance for Clubs and Captains (see the 'Admin Documents' page of this website) says that the main intention of the starring rules is "to ensure fairness in team selection" and that "The Association expects that team captains (in complying with League Rule 2.3) will normally 'star' the four strongest regular players in their squad unless there is good reason not to. Failure to star higher graded players who are known to be very likely to play regularly throughout the season (and then playing those unstarred players in lower teams) is one clear example of a way in which a club might seek to manipulate the rules unfairly."

(ii) An addition was also made to the rules on defaults, specifying what happens when, with the Secretary's consent, captains of both teams have agreed not to play a match. (See Rule 4.4.)

Link: documents/OCA League Rules 2018.pdf
17 Sep 2018

Asif Hameed

Fixtures release - latest release is 18th Sep 2018

Dear All

Please see the diary and grid formats for the 2018-19 fixtures. The heading should be in green so please remember to refresh your browser if needed.

Any problems or issues please email me.


06 Sep 2018

Rod Langham

ECF President's Award for Steve Rumsby, Banbury

The ECF Newsletter that has just been published included the following article:

Congratulations to Steve Rumsby from Banbury Chess Club, who was presented with his ECF President's Award for Services to Chess.

The Award recognises that for over 30 years Steve has been the Chairman of Banbury Chess Club. Steve has overseen the growth of the club from initially fielding two teams in one league to the latest season where the club fielded four teams in the Leamington League, three teams in the Oxford League and entered all the available league cup competitions. In recent years, Banbury entered a team in the 4NCL. Virtually every year, Steve has captained one of the club teams.

Steve's wider contribution to chess is seen in his work for the Leamington and District Chess League. He is, and has been for a number of years, both the league's webmaster and fixtures secretary. At the start of the 2016-2017 season Oxfordshire County were unable to find a volunteer to captain the Under 150 county Team. Steve at short notice volunteered and led the county team to 5 wins from 6 matches. They ended that season as Chiltern League Champions. Steve has continued in this county captaincy role. Steve is highly regarded by chess players in an area stretching from Birmingham down to Didcot.

Steve (right) receives the President's Award from Leamington League chairman Ben Graff

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