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Roger Thetford

Recent League Results from London Public Service League

14 Nov 2017 Greater London 3 3-2 DHSS 3 2017-18LPSCL Division 3
15 Nov 2017 DHSS 1 4-3 Treasury 1 2017-18 LPSCL Division 1
15 Nov 2017 Treasury 3 0.5-4.5 Revenue & Customs 3 2017-18LPSCL Division 3
16 Nov 2017 Pimlico Home 2.5-4.5 Pimlico Justice 2017-18 LPSCL Division 1
16 Nov 2017 Revenue & Customs 1 4-3 Greater London 1 2017-18 LPSCL Division 1

Latest Headlines

20 Nov 2017

ECF Membership - Some problems

We already have a high proportion of players with ECF membership. It was reported earlier that Cl... [more on news page]
04 Nov 2017

Match Starting Time and Defaults

Nigel Fleming wrote to Club Representatives and Team Captains on Friday, 3 November 2017... [more on news page]
02 Nov 2017

Andriy Peykov wins the Tony Ashby Award 2017

The winner of this years Tony Ashby Shield is Andriy Peykov of GLCC. The trophy goes to the most ... [more on news page]
17 Sep 2017

Individual Blitz Competition Winners

The LPSCL Individual Blitz Championship took place on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 as part of the GL... [more on news page]
13 Sep 2017

Game Fee 2017/18

The League encourages all players to become members of the English Chess Federation (ECF). There ... [more on news page]