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30 May 2017

Steve Sonnis

Division 2 Champions

With one round to go, Battersea2 were level on match points with Kings Head1. As luck would have it, they were to play each other in the last round. Despite being outgraded, Battersea2 managed to draw the match and therefore won the league on game points. Congratulations to Battersea2 who are promoted to Division 1 for the 2017/18 season and commiserations to TfL1 who are relegated from Division 1 to Division 2.

06 May 2017

Steve Sonnis

Division 1 Joint Champions

With one round of fixtures to be played, Rangers (the defending champions) were 1 match point ahead of their nearest rivals, HMC1. Despite being heavily outgraded, Pimlico Bishops managed to draw the match against Rangers, allowing HMC1 to draw level with Rangers. In a further twist to the story, HMC1 won all 5 of their games against TfL in their final match. This meant Rangers and HMC1 were now level on game points as well as match points. So, we have joint champions for the 2016-17 season. Congratulations to both teams.