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06 May 2018

Steve Sonnis


After beating Pimlico3 on Wednesday evening, Railsport1 have won Division2 with a match to spare. A very fine achievement in a competitive division. Also, congratulations to Rangers who have won Division1, again with something to spare.

27 Apr 2018

Steve Sonnis

Fixture Changes

The match between Railsport2 and Kings Head2 originally scheduled 
for 26 April will now take place on 31 May.

The match between HMC2 and Athenaeum1 originally scheduled for 5 
April will now take place on 10 May.

The match between Railsport2 and Pimlico3 originally scheduled for 
26 March will now take place on Monday 19 March.

The match between Railsport2 and HMC3 originally scheduled for 11 
September will now be played on Monday 27 November.

The match between Railsport1 and Kings Head1 originally scheduled 
for 14 September will now be played on Thursday 10 May.

The match between Pimlico3 and Kings Head1 originally scheduled for 
15 March will now be played on 31 May.

The match between HMC1 and Athenaeum1 originally scheduled for 26 
October will now be played on 11 January.

The match between Athenaeum2 and Pimlico4 originally scheduled for 7 
December will now be played on 12 April.

The match between Railsport2 and DHSS originally scheduled for 14 
May will now be played on 22 January.

06 Dec 2017

Steve Sonnis

ECF Game Fees

All players and clubs are reminded of the new arrangement re ECF game fees. Everybody playing 4 games in the Central London League during the 2017/18 season is required to join the ECF or pay £16 (the equivalent of ECF bronze membership). Full information on how to join the ECF can be found on their website at http://www.englishchess.org.uk/membership/joining/guide-to-joining-the- ecf/

01 Aug 2017

Steve Sonnis

2017-18 Fixtures

These are now available on this website as an administrative document

Link: documents/Central London League Fixtures 2017-18.pdf
01 Aug 2017

Steve Sonnis

Background Information

The Central London League was formed in 2011 under the auspices of 
Pimlico Chess Club. The driving force behind its creation was James 
Toon. Pimlico Chess Club continues to operate the league, with Steve 
Sonnis acting as administrator on the club's behalf.

It is intended that the league should offer competitive, but friendly, 
chess for players of all standards. All matches must be played within 
Zone 1 of the London Underground.

In the Central London League, all games finish on the night. No 
adjudications. No adjournments.

Originally a single division with 7 teams, the league has expanded to 
three divisions. For the 2017/18 season, Divisions 1 and 2 will have 8 
teams and Division 3 will have 7 teams.

The League is open, any team may apply to join. Any applications for the 
2018/19 season should be made by the end of May and will be subject to 
a vacancy arising. 

Divisions 1 & 2 have no grade limit. There will be promotion/relegation 
between the divisions. It is hoped that teams in D2 will, over the 
season, have an average grade no lower than 150.

Division 3 is, in principle, limited to players with a maximum grade of 
145. Some exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances.

Players are eligible for Division 3 if their grade does not exceed the 
maximum in either the July 2017 or January 2018 ECF grading list.

Each team consists of 5 players in Divisions 1 and 2, and 4 players in 
Division 3.
Players may play for only one club in Divisions 1 & 2 and for only one 
team in a particular division. Players in Division 3 may play for only 
one team in that division, but it does not have to be the club they play 
for in the higher divisions.
Some teams operate from secure premises. They will need a list of 
visiting players at least two days before the match. In the interest of 
fairness, they will send their own team list in return. Visitors may be 
asked for ID on arrival at the venue.
The team winning the toss has White on odd boards.
Matches start at 6.30pm.
Absent players will be defaulted at 7.15pm.
The time control will be a Fischer time control of all moves in 75 
minutes plus 15 seconds a move.
If suitable digital clocks are not available at any particular venue, 
the time control will be 30 moves in 75 minutes then all remaining moves 
in a further 15 minutes.
Mobile phones should be silenced or turned off for the duration of the 
playing session. If a player's mobile phone rings during play, he should 
be asked to silence it or turn it off. If it happens again, he loses the 
game by default.
Each captain will submit the match results promptly via this website, 
showing the names, grades and result on each board.
All games will be submitted for ECF grading.

For games played by non ECF members, the ECF is likely to levy a charge 
on the league. Any such charges will be passed on to the club concerned 
who will be responsible for ensuring the league is reimbursed promptly.
Teams who wish to use the Pimlico venue for their home matches will be 
asked to contribute £25 per home match towards the rental costs. The 
rental costs will be recovered in two instalments, halfway through the 
season and at the end.

Any disputes will be resolved by the league administrator who will call 
on assistance from FIDE Arbiter Nick Faulks as required.

Any enquiries to SteveSonnis@aol.com