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20 Sep 2021

Roger Thetford

Updated ODCL Rules

The AGM held on 16 Sep 2021 agreed several amendments to the League Rules. There are a few 'tidying-up' changes resulting from the ECF's move to 4-digit ratings and to monthly publcation of rating lists. The following changes are more substantial:

  • three divisions
  • incremental time limits for all divisions
  • numerical limits on grading differences when setting board order
  • for 2021-22 only, the number of starred players is reduced from four to three
  • for 2021-22 only, Rule 2.4.1 is suspended. Unstarred players may play unlimited times for higher teams without affecting eligibility to play for lower teams.

Link: documents/OCA_League_Rules_2021.pdf
20 Sep 2021

Asif Hameed

ODCL Fixtures for 2021-22 released

Please spread the news far and wide: The fixtures for 2021-22 have been released - Please let me know if there are any issues.

The three league divisions have also been set up, but can I please urge all club and team captains to check and update the information contained on the site.

Link: documents/ODCL_Authorised_Fixtures_in_Diary_Format.pdf
16 Sep 2021

Stephen Rumsby

Oxfordshire County Chess

With the gradual resumption of OTB chess, I am interested in gauging the interest in resuming the County Chess teams (Open and Minor). If you play for a team in the Oxfordshire League or live in Oxfordshire and would like to play please email me (stephen.rumsby@maidford.plus.com). I would also like to know whether players are interested in playing online County Chess.

14 Sep 2021

Ian Bush

OCA Annual General Meeting - 7.30pm Thursday 16th September

The AGM of the Oxfordshire Chess Association will take place in person at 19:30 on Thursday 16 September at the Rose Hill Methodist Church (Cowley Chess Clubs venue). To provide extra space and ventilation we intend to use the main hall, downstairs. Relevant documents, including the agenda and the proposed rule changes,can be found under the "Admin Documents" link at the left hand side of this page, or below.

Link: https://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/GetDocuments.cfm?Org=1
14 Sep 2021

Ian Bush

OCA Guidance for OTB Play During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The OCA committee has been asked if it can provide guidance to clubs on what measures should be taken to mitigate the risk of COVID when over the board chess is restarted this season. Please see the link below for an initial draft of this guidance which will be discussed at the AGM on Thursday 16th Sept.

Note the only requirement we have placed on the clubs is to keep the OCA informed of any COVID mitigation steps in place at their venue so visiting teams can know what to expect; the committee strongly believes each club will have its own unique set of circumstances, and so is the best organisation to identify appropriate steps to reduce risk at their venue. That said we have provided a number of what we hope are useful and practical recommendations.

Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/documents/OCA_Covid_guidance_21-22_season_v3.pdf
07 Sep 2021

Roger Thetford

Covid-19 Precautions

As advised in a recent email to clubs, I'm collecting and publishing any conditions required at home venues. The intention is to complete the list below by the AGM on Thu 16 Sep. Please help me to do this.

  • Abingdon School tba
  • Banbury tba
  • Bicester (withdrawn from ODCL for 2021-22)
  • Cowley Players who are able to wear face coverings are strongly urged to do so. If there are players who will not be wearing a face covering in a match, their captain is asked to inform the opposing captain in advance. Spectating is not permitted at matches, except by the captains acting in their official capacity. Visitors are to sanitise hands upon arrival. Visitors are invited to provide contact information for the club's Track and Trace system, which is optional.
  • Cumnor Sanitiser available for all. If an opponent prefers you to wear a mask then politely do so.
  • Didcot All players and others attending the chess club are asked to use the hand gel provided when entering or re-entering the club room (i.e. upstairs at the Marlborough Club).
  • Oxford Brookes tba
  • Oxford City tba
  • University of Oxford: Uni 1 (Wadham) tba, Uni 2 (St John's) tba, Uni 3 (Lady Margaret Hall) tba
  • Wantage tba
  • Witney tba

06 Sep 2021

Ian Bush

Witney Rapidplay Online Congress

The Witney Rapidplay Online Congress will take place on Sunday 19th September 2021. It consists of 6 rounds, starting at 10.00am in the morning with a 20 minutes + 10 second increment time control. For more details see the link below

Link: http://www.witneychess.co.uk/witneyrapid21_information.htm
06 Sep 2021

Ian Bush

Second Draft ODCL Fixtures 2021-22

The second draft of the fixture list for the coming season can be found at the link below. As before please provide any feedback to the Fixtures Secretary, Asif Hameed.

Link: https://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/documents/OCA_Fixtures_2021-22_draft2.pdf
30 Aug 2021

Andrew Varney

Oxon Junior Chess AGM (online)

Oxon Junior Chess (incorporating Oxon Schools Chess League) will be holding an AGM on Monday 27 September 2021 at 7pm via Zoom. There was no AGM in 2020 due to the pandemic, and no schools league took place last year.

This will be a very important meeting. As all 3 committee members had already indicated that they were standing down, unless we have new volunteers for the positions, amongst other consequences, the Oxon Schools Chess League will go into abeyance.

Please contact Andrew Varney if you would like further details of the roles or if you wish to attend the Zoom meeting.

02 Aug 2021

Roger Thetford

Draft ODCL Fixtures 2021-22

Draft 1 of the ODCL fixtures for 2021-22 has been published at the link shown below. Please feed back any comments to the Fixture Secretary, Asif Hameed.

Link: documents/OCA_Fixtures_2021-22_draft1.pdf

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