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26 Oct 2020

Ian Bush

Mike Duck Online Tournament Starts Tonight!

The Mike Duck Online Tournament kicks off tonight, 26th Oct, with the following matches being played on Lichess at 7.30pm

1	Didcot 1 	:	University 1
2	Witney 1 	:	University 2
3	Cowley 2 	:	Oxford City 1
5	Oxford City 2 	:	Banbury 1
6	Cowley 1 	:	University 3
On of the good things about online chess is that all the games can be followed as they are being played. To do this go to the ECF LMS site which we are using to administer the competition, and click on the score of the match(es) you want to follow, followed by the little television icon - if the game has started this will allow you to watch it in real time! For more on spectating look in the (beta version of) the Guidance for Players

20 Oct 2020

Ian Bush

Mike Duck Online Tournament: Round 1 Draw

The draw for round 1, to be played in the week beginning 26 October, is as below. First-named team is at 'home' and is black on odd boards. Matches will be played on Lichess at 7.30pm on the date indicated.

1	Didcot 1 	:	University 1 	(Mon 26th)
2	Witney 1 	:	University 2 	(Mon 26th)
3	Cowley 2 	:	Oxford City 1 	(Mon 26th)
4	Cumnor 1 	:	Witney 2 	(Thur 29th)
5	Oxford City 2 	:	Banbury 1 	(Mon 26th)
6	Cowley 1 	:	University 3 	(Mon 26th)
7	Cumnor 2 	:	BYE
The competition will be administered via the ECF League Management System (LMS). As such the most up to date information can be found at LMS .

The rules for the competition are available at Rules .

First drafts of the Guidance for Captains and Guidance for Players documents are now available. Note these are currently "work in progress" and will be polished before final versions are placed on the OCA web site. However they now contain enough information for captains to run their teams and players to participate in the tournament.

10 Oct 2020

Roger Thetford

Mike Duck Oxfordshire Online Tournament

The AGM held on 24 September agreed:

  • to establish an Online Chess Officer;
  • to amend the Rules to permit matches to be played online;
  • that the ODCL should not run in 2020-21;
  • in place of the league, to run two online Swiss tournaments, to be known as Mike Duck Oxfordshire Online Tournaments, one before Christmas and one after.

The competition rules, and updated versions of the League Rules and Constitution have been posted on the Admin Documents page.

The first round takes place in the week starting 26 October, and the entry date has been extended to Monday 19 October. Entries to the Secretary, please.

29 Aug 2020

Roger Thetford

Online AGM: 24 Sep 2020

Documents for the AGM have been circulated to the club contacts. They include:

07 Aug 2020

Ian Bush

Covid-19 - Plans for 20-21 season

The 20-21 season is rapidly approaching. Due to the current pandemic it will be very different from any in recent history. Concrete proposals to address this will be made at the AGM in September, and will be available in full later this month. However we thought it best to provide as early as possible an outline of the ways that we might play chess next season in order to obtain feedback, and to this end the document linked to below discusses how the league might be run next season. Comments on the proposals contained therein would be much appreciated. If you have any please either contact your club representative, or send an email to the League Secretary, Roger Thetford

Link: http://www.oxfordfusion.com/oca/documents/OCA_Competitions_during_the_Covid-19_Pandemic.pdf

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