Results for Marciano, Orry Results for Marciano, Orry (Battersea)

Results for Marciano, Orry (Battersea)

ECF Rating Information

Current Standard Rating
Current Rapid Rating
Rating code 329092L
Current (2023) ECF Member Number ECF   

From 2011-12 to 2019-20, grades were published in both July and January; both grades are listed. From 2020 onwards three-digit 'grades' were replaced by four-digit 'ratings'.

Opponents' ratings are fetched automatically from the ECF site. A missing rating implies that the a player's Rating Code has not been input by the team captain, or that the present rating is blank.

Note: Cup results (if any) follow the oldest league results.

League results

2019-20 Central London League Division 1

Standard Grading
date for board against result
26 Sept 2019 Battersea 1 (H) 4 Ethelontis, Alexandros 194 HMC 1 0.5
17 Oct 2019 Battersea 1 (H) 3 Wells, Tony D 173 Athenaeum 0
0.5 out of 2 (excluding defaults) = 25%

Cup results

No cup results, except possibly in the test cups, for this person since drop-down player lists were introduced (2006-07).