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Bonar Law

Bonar Law

Results in bold type have been confirmed by both sides. Results submitted in the last seven days are highlighted.

'Add-result' links appear only to logged-in managers of the teams involved in a tie, or club officials. If there's no link but you think there should be, click on the team name to find out who has been set up as manager, then contact the competition secretary if this is wrong. The competition secretary should also be able to answer any other queries about the competition.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Winner
by 15 Jan 2016 by 4 Mar 2016 by 6 May 2016  
Pimlico Justice
DHSS 1 (5.5-2.5) GLCC1 (4-4) GLCC1 (5-3)
Treasury 1
GLCC1 (5-3)
Revenue & Customs 1
Revenue & Customs 1 Pimlico Home (2.5-5.5)
Pimlico Home
Pimlico Home (2-6)