Prizewinners 2001

Under 9

1st (and best U8): Ben Thorne, Magdalen College School (6/7)
2nd (and best U7): Peter Watt, Aston Rowant School (6/7)
3rd=: Jeffrey Levicki, New College School, Andrew Willis, Little Milton School, and David Wilson, The Dragon School (5/7)
6th=: Lydia Akinola, Emmanuel Christian School, Larissa Cooke, Emmanuel Christian School, Georgia Stevenson, Little Milton School (all three joint best girl), Nathanael Cooke, Emmanuel Christian School (best U6), Jacob Fries, New College School, and Ben Kennedy, The King's School (5/7)

Under 11

1st: Daniel Rey, Magdalen College School (10/11)
2nd=: Jun Li, Frideswide Middle School, and Ben Melrose, Frideswide Middle School (8/11)
4th= (and best U10s): Beau Schofield, Magdalen College School, and Dan Smith, Magdalen College School (7/11)
6th=: Jonathan Bruce, New College School, and Duncan Robson, Isis Middle School (7/11)
Best Girl: Anastasia Fries, O.H.S. (Greycotes) (5/11)
2nd Best Girl: Abigail Cullen, Marsh Baldon Primary School, Katie Honey, Headington Junior School, and Lucy Miles, Headington Junior School (5/11)

Under 13

1st=: Claire Morris, St. Helens and St. Katherines, Abingdon and Maria Walker, European School (also best under 12) (6/8)
3rd=: Sam Bright, Magdalen College School and Minh Nguyen, Frideswide Middle School (6/8)
5th=: Chris Cavey, New College School, Tom Cooke, Matthew Arnold School, Sam Phibbs, Frideswide Middle School, Joshua Smith, Magdalen College School, Stephen Thorpe, Lord William's, Thame, and Jie Xi Zhao, Frideswide Middle School (5/8)
Best Girl:Sophie Henstridge, St. Helens and St. Katherines, Abingdon (3/8)

Under 15/18

1st=: Daniel Hitchens, New College School (outright U15 champion), and Jonathan Kennedy, Wood Green School (both joint U18 champions) (5/6)
3rd=: Graham Morris, Abingdon School, and Darius Robson, St. Augustine's School (4/6)
5th=: Jeremy Appleyard, The Henry Box School, Alex Fernandez, Magdalen College School, James Keeling, Magdalen College School, and Adam Thorpe, Lord William's, Thame (3/6)

Team Prize

Too close to call on the day, we at the Oxon Congress website are proud to present the results of the very closely-fought team competition (a new rule was added this year which stated that no school may win the prize two years running, thereby barring last year's winners, Magdalen College School). So, in reverse order (drum roll please...):

3rd: Frideswide Middle School
Jun Li, 8/11, Under 11
Ben Melrose, 8/11, Under 11
Minh Nguyen, 6/8, Under 13
Sam Phibbs, 5/8, Under 13
Total Percentage: 70.7%

2nd: Emmanuel Christian School
Lydia Akinola, 5/7, Under 9
Larissa Cooke, 5/7, Under 9
Nathanael Cooke, 5/7, Under 9
Timothy Hardy, 5/7, Under 9
Total Percentage: 71.4%

1st: New College School
Jeffrey Levicki, 5/7, Under 9
Jacob Lively, 4/7, Under 9
Jonathan Bruce, 7/11, Under 11
Daniel Hitchens, 5/6, Under 15/18
Total Percentage: 72.5%